Car Detailing Tips

Following on from our Car Detailing page where we guide you through our different stages of detailing a car we thought we would give you a few tips that might help you if you decide to detail your car yourself.

1) If your car has not been washed for a whlie and is heavily soiled with such things like diesel fumes you might find that a normal car shampoo is not strong enough to clean the car, in this case you may want to use a degreaser but only do one panel at a time because if you leave the degreaser on the paint work for to long then you may stain the paint work. Try to avoid applying the degreaser to the paint work if it is hot like on a hot summers day, in this case hose the paint work down first to cool it down.
2) If you drive through road works and notice that you have tar splashed around the bottom of the car you can remove this by using a general purpose thinners on a soft cloth .
3) If you notice you have overspray on your car you can remove this by using a clay bar, if you have paint overspray on your car you need to find out if the paint is water based or solvent based. You can still use the clay bar if its water based but if its solvent based then you may need to use a general purpose thinner. You can use the clay bar on the paint work and windows  but not the rubbers or plastic.
4) When polishing a new car you may want to move the polishing pad in a left to right motion so to avoid leaving swirl marks.
5) If your wheel arches have plasic covers on them you can spray them with tyre shine instead of using a spray can.
6) Do not let any spills to dry for to long on the seats and carpets , try to clean them up asap, the longer they are left the harder they will be to remove especially on the roof lining.
7) If you have leather seats you should apply a leather conditioner frequently to stop the leather from drying out and cracking.
8) Avoid using window cleaner on old window tint as this may result in the tint coming off.

We hope these tips have been of help in detailing your car.


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Machine polishing is more commonly known as cut & polish, it is usually done when the paint work as been oxidised by the sun (the paint looks faded) but can also be used to give the paint work an even shine when the car as been either washed with an abrasive or polished unevenly resulting in patchy paint work.