What are your Opening Hours?

What are your Opening Hours?

We operate 7 days a week with flexible hours to suit our customers.


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Leandro commented on 01-Oct-2012 12:42 AM3 out of 5 stars
Mrs. Parker, Glad to see you are working so dgllientiy **wink,wink**! I am sure you are having a blast! Take care, enjoy yourself and take a lot of pictures!!Brenda
Tim commented on 01-Oct-2012 12:43 AM3 out of 5 stars
I so admire you for tanilkg about this with your friend. I think that most people never reach this level of communication with others, so perhaps this is a new experience for him. As you know I am totally into the Myers Briggs personality thing, and your personality type might have a different communication style than his. Or perhaps it takes him a longer time to process feelings and thoughts and he is working on this before he responds. I frequently can't respond to things right away, I have to toss them around in my head.When I was in my 20 s I fell in love with a friend, who was the same gender as me. She considered herself bisexual, I considered myself straight. I was truly in love with her, and we were really good friends before we began a physical relationship. I had to break off our relationship because, although I loved her and no one had ever loved me as much as she did, I was not attracted to her physically. I have never been attracted to women, but that didn't stop me from falling in love with her.It is so difficult, separating love from physical attraction and intimacy. To this day, 25 years later, I wonder what my life would be like if I hadn't broken it off. Of course, our friendship was never the same afterwards either.


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We recommend the use of Glare Infinity Plus with Glassplexin on all vehicles in the top end bracket such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin.
For Paint Protection we at AABA Detailing can recommend Glare Infinity Plus Professional Polish and Zymol Titanium. Check out our Glare-Plus touch page to see whats involved in the application.
Machine polishing is more commonly known as cut & polish, it is usually done when the paint work as been oxidised by the sun (the paint looks faded) but can also be used to give the paint work an even shine when the car as been either washed with an abrasive or polished unevenly resulting in patchy paint work.