How many years have you been in business?

How many years have you been in business?

I have been in the Car Detailing business for 10 years.


No Very

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Walter commented on 30-Sep-2012 10:24 PM3 out of 5 stars
Aloha Doug,I Would like to thank you for the absolute most amianzg journey. Learning and experiencing German New Medicine has changed my life in every possible way. I have referred many people to you throughout the years and have watched their progress and the amianzg and life changing results they have experienced. Then, about 4 years ago, I myself was challenged with some health issues, and I am totally astounded at the results that I have had, and to actually have experienced my bodys own biological changes, of the psyche, brain, organ relationship has been totally life changing. For over 35 years I have tried many different healing venues, but never have I experienced anything like this. How can I ever thank you??? This IS the Medicine of the future and the future is NOW!!!There really are no words to describe my complete amazement. Mahalo Doug.With Infinite Grattitude,Jacki
Kero commented on 30-Sep-2012 10:25 PM3 out of 5 stars
Hey Col, Its blindingly obivous that to do it any other way would be crazy. Surely that's THE compelling reason to own a business. (Do sometimes feel sorry for those guys still working for the man ). But why do we see so many business owners too busy to attend that party, pick the kids up, play golf, fish etc etc etc.? Oh That's right, they are crazy!!
Gelap commented on 30-Sep-2012 10:25 PM3 out of 5 stars
hope you are having a good time and lenraing alot. we are very fortunate to have you representating rotary and our district. i knew you would represent us well and this would be a lasting experience for you and make you a better leader for our country and community in years to come. just wanted to say hi. tony whittle


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We recommend the use of Glare Infinity Plus with Glassplexin on all vehicles in the top end bracket such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin.
For Paint Protection we at AABA Detailing can recommend Glare Infinity Plus Professional Polish and Zymol Titanium. Check out our Glare-Plus touch page to see whats involved in the application.
Machine polishing is more commonly known as cut & polish, it is usually done when the paint work as been oxidised by the sun (the paint looks faded) but can also be used to give the paint work an even shine when the car as been either washed with an abrasive or polished unevenly resulting in patchy paint work.