Where can I find some customer testimonials?

Where can I find some customer testimonials?

You can find customer testimonials on our testimonial page.


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Dip commented on 01-Oct-2012 11:46 AM3 out of 5 stars
Great to see all the happy faces, but none were known to me. I was in the prep sohcol from 1943-45 and in the Main sohcol in 1946. My parents returned to the UK after the war and where I and my brother completed our sohcoling.Now reside in Melbourne and have 2 friends nearby one of whom Reg Lee was a compatriot of mine at BCS, the other Peter Aynsley was younger than I and was in the prep sohcol at this time. My brother Nigel and cousin Chris Smith were in the prep sohcol at this time also, I used to walk up to the prep sohcol several times in the year to be with my Brother and Cousin. Reg Lee also lives in Melbourne and we mainly keep in touch by phone. Chris Smith lives in Sydney and we frequently see him whenever we visit Sydney.Johindra Chahal (Wife Dorothy) was in the same batch as my brother and who I also befriended when they both visited Australia in 2005 and stayed with us for a week.
Michele commented on 01-Oct-2012 11:46 AM3 out of 5 stars
It doesn't highlight as much about you as you think it does. What, to you, is a dpeeer friendship ? What does that mean? The other person is not going to automatically know what you mean by that. Instead of concentrating on what you think of as your difficulties, use this time to concentrate on being honest with yourself and listening to yourself on more than one level. Find out what the desires are.Because you've been locked in the SA loop where other people are given this strange amount of power to make you feel this, that and the other thing and you have to obsess about how you come across to them. Given that, it can then be hard to go away and look at what you really want.
Shanmugam commented on 01-Oct-2012 11:48 AM3 out of 5 stars
Jul08 Now this sounds like a wtsihle stop tour picking up all of Margaret River's Finest points. Mamouth Cave is amazing and shortly (Spring) they have stunning self guided wild flower tours, these are a must as W.A has an amazing wild flower show in Spring. This tour really sounds to capture most of the region and I only hope that visitors will want to stay longer or plan their trip back again.Thanks for putting on a great tour Blink.


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