Car Detailing Perth

Car Detailing Perth

AABA Detailing have been detailing cars in Perth for over ten years, a full car detail takes between three to four hours depending on the condition of the car.
Here we go through the different stages of detailing a car and give tips to car enthusiasts who like to look after their own car.
1) First we go over the car with the car owner to look for any marks or stains to establish what they are and how long they have been there for.
2) Once we have set up our equipment we apply a strong degreaser to the door jams, wheel arches , wheels and tyres.
3) Using a high pressure pump we then wash off the degreaser before applying a wheel cleaning product to remove any lingering brake dust.
4) We then cover the car with a high quality wash and wax then using a quality sponge or mitt we wash the outside body of the car then finally we give the car a final rinse with the high pressure pump.
5) We then dry the car off including the door jams and wheels.
6) Next using a spray can we repaint the wheel arches.
7) Using a quality tyre shine we spray the tyres to give them that shiny wet look finish.
8) The car is now ready to be polished with a good quality hand polish, if the paint work as faded or is flat then it may need machining first (check out our machine polishing page).
9) We then clean the outside of the windows.
10) Using a bumper reviver we dress any exterior plastics .
11) Now we vacuum the car including the boot with a 1500 watt vacuum cleaner, using a soft paint brush to brush out the vents and console.
12) With a mild degreaser and damp cloth we then clean the vinyl on the inside of the car and also try to remove any stains from the roof lining.
13) We then clean the inside of the windows.
14) Now we attach the hose fitting to the vacuum and using a strong degreaser we shampoo the seats and carpets. If the car has leather seats we  clean the leather with a leather cleaner then apply a leather conditioner.
15) We then dress the vinyl and door rubbers with another quality product.
16) Finally we deoderize the car before giving it one final inspection and handing it back to the owner.
So Don`t forget if you would like a car detail in Perth please drop us a line Contact Us now on 0402 148 199





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We recommend the use of Glare Infinity Plus with Glassplexin on all vehicles in the top end bracket such as Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin.
For Paint Protection we at AABA Detailing can recommend Glare Infinity Plus Professional Polish and Zymol Titanium. Check out our Glare-Plus touch page to see whats involved in the application.
Machine polishing is more commonly known as cut & polish, it is usually done when the paint work as been oxidised by the sun (the paint looks faded) but can also be used to give the paint work an even shine when the car as been either washed with an abrasive or polished unevenly resulting in patchy paint work.