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We try to make your car as good as new, spending that little extra time where others may not.

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Restoring Faded & Oxidized Paintwork

Restoring Faded & Oxidized Paintwork There are two types of vehicle paintwork, clear coated and single stage. Clear coated has a clear lacquer that protects the paintwork underneath. Single stage paintwork has no protective lacquer layer and so the paintwork is open to abuse from the elements. If a car has single stage paint and is not cared for properly...

Car Detailing Images

Tar Splashed on Vehicle

If you drive through road works and notice that you have tar splashed around the bottom of the car you can remove this by using a general purpose thinners on a soft cloth. Removing Industrial Fallout  Industrial fallout occurs when small airborne metal particles settle on the surface of your car and bond to it. They then begin to oxidize, looking very...